The production mode of modern pharmaceutical equipment industry has taken on a new look, and the new concept has boosted production and R&D!

In the process of social development, change is a constant truth. If any product is not updated with the times and injected with new elements, this product will be eliminated from the market, as will pharmaceutical equipment. In the increasingly modern pharmaceutical equipment industry, the manufacturing mode of equipment has got rid of the old way and started a new exploration.

The pharmaceutical industry is a race track with both the attribute of scientific and technological innovation and the attribute of mandatory consumption. Pharmaceutical equipment is an industry engaged in manufacturing specialized medical equipment, which plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether its process level and quality can meet the development needs of the pharmaceutical industry will directly affect the development of the pharmaceutical industry. As the pharmaceutical industry has been optimistic for a long time, the pharmaceutical equipment industry will have a bright future.

The pharmaceutical equipment industry has maintained its integrity and innovation in the crisis and maintained steady growth

As the upstream of the medical industry chain, pharmaceutical equipment is an important part of the supply chain. It needs a keen sense of smell to catch the changes in the market, and according to the needs of the market, it needs to increase the innovation of technological transformation, improve the competitiveness of enterprises themselves, so as to better foothold in the world, win the market leadership, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.

The sudden epidemic this year has had a significant impact on the economy of all industries. However, it is an organic crisis. In 2020, many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will continue to adhere to the principle of "integrity and innovation", continue to increase research and development investment, actively expand the market, and show a good momentum. Recently, some leading domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises released their 2019 performance express, which found that many enterprises maintained a good momentum of development.

Facing the future, pharmaceutical equipment should constantly carry out technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation. In addition, with the continuous progress of technology, the advantages of intelligent automation equipment become increasingly prominent. Pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will win the market position in the pharmaceutical industry while making gains.

Pharmaceutical equipment is facing many challenges while facing opportunities

In 2020, pharmaceutical equipment will face opportunities as well as challenges in many aspects. There are five main challenges:

On the first hand, in the context of the continuous rise of API and labor costs, pharmaceutical enterprises have to reasonably optimize their management costs. There is pressure on the investment of pharmaceutical equipment, which will affect the sales of pharmaceutical equipment industry.

Second, under the background of fierce competition in the pharmaceutical market, many pharmaceutical enterprises focus their resources on core varieties to reduce the business of weak varieties, which has a certain impact on the equipment pharmacy of some pharmaceutical equipment enterprises.

Third, with the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of the pharmaceutical industry, and low-end pharmaceutical equipment that cannot meet the requirements or has weak R&D strength will face the risk of elimination.

Fourth, under the competitive pattern of survival of the fittest, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to constantly upgrade. However, while eliminating low-end equipment, enterprises must rely on continuous investment in design, technology, services and other aspects to develop and produce new equipment, which is also a large cost for enterprises to improve, transform and upgrade equipment.

Fifthly, the development of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry is unevenly distributed in different regions. According to industry statistics, from the perspective of regional distribution, most pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Nanyang and other regions. Therefore, these highly concentrated regions will become the main reference cities for pharmaceutical equipment enterprises to promote their markets, and their development will be relatively good.

Future production, R&D and service development trend of pharmaceutical equipment

1. New concept boosts the production and R&D of pharmaceutical equipment onto the right track

At present, before designing a product, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises usually need to consider what convenience this product can bring to pharmaceutical production, whether it can incorporate trendy and new technologies, and whether there is high demand for this equipment in the market. These considerations will eventually become the concept of R&D and production of pharmaceutical equipment, and will also affect the market positioning of products.

2. The production mode of modern pharmaceutical equipment industry has taken on a new look

Compared with the past, the mode of equipment production of most pharmaceutical equipment enterprises has undergone tremendous changes: less and unmanned production, advanced data monitoring and management, and the emergence of the prototype of dual intelligent production.

Previously, the production of pharmaceutical equipment in small workshops was not standardized, mostly manual operation, and the cleanliness of equipment could not be guaranteed. In this environment, the production efficiency of the equipment is low, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. It is conceivable that the market feedback effect is bleak. However, this phenomenon is gradually disappearing, and the production mode of modern pharmaceutical equipment industry has taken on a new look.

At present, robots have become a new label in the pharmaceutical equipment industry instead of artificial, intelligent factories, large-scale personalized customization, networked collaborative manufacturing, etc.

3. The new service model has become a plus for the development of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises

Service is the expression of an enterprise's attitude towards equipment and customers. The service methods of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are also very different in modern production. At present, some enterprises will form a new service mode by the way of "customer+equipment". They will provide personalized, humanized and professional services, so that customers can use them with confidence and ensure the quality of equipment in an all-round way. In addition, in the era of powerful network functions, many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will use Internet tools to recreate new service methods, provide online services for customers, so that customers can use standard instruments and equipment, and enjoy intimate testing and consulting services.

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The production mode of modern pharmaceutical equipment industry has taken on a new look, and the new concept has boosted production and R&D!

In the process of social development, change is a constant truth. If any product is not updated with the times and injected with new elements, this product will be eliminated from the market, as will pharmaceutical equipment.

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