Where is the future of domestic pharmaceutical machinery?

Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights of intellectual labor achievements created by human beings in social practice. With the development of science and technology, in order to better protect the interests of property owners, intellectual property systems such as patent rights and trademark rights have emerged and been constantly improved. Among them, in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, with the fierce market competition, intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly important. Once, some pharmaceutical machinery enterprises were infringed on some product patents and claimed legal fees, which missed the opportunity to take off.

"In the past, we have suffered a lot in intellectual property protection. The course of intellectual property can never be missed or left behind!" The relevant personnel of the pharmaceutical machinery enterprise said that the company has carried out patent layout around the key technologies of its core products. At the same time, it also cooperates with third-party patent companies to conduct global patent search for the company's products, so as to prepare for the export of products to overseas markets.

According to the industry, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry started late, its technology is weak, its innovation ability is insufficient, and its awareness of intellectual property rights needs to be improved. Owning independent intellectual property rights is the future of domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry.

At present, while adhering to innovation, leading pharmaceutical and machinery enterprises attach importance to the protection and construction of intellectual property rights, vigorously develop independent intellectual property rights, prevent the loss of intangible assets, and improve intellectual property benefits. For example, through the establishment of an intellectual property management office and full-time intellectual property staff, the protection of intellectual property rights is gradually strengthened through continuous improvement of the intellectual property management system.

As of December 2017, the company has initiated three patent protection initiatives, all of which have achieved good patent protection results. In addition, more than 1530 patents have been applied and more than 1400 patents have been granted, including 102 invention patents.

According to the Patent Law of China, patents are divided into three types: invention, utility model and design. Pharmaceutical machinery enterprises can make targeted patent layout according to specific conditions.

Among them, invention refers to a new technical solution to a product, a method or an improvement thereof; "Utility model" means a new technical solution to the shape, structure or combination thereof of a product that is suitable for practical use; A design refers to a new design of a product's shape, pattern or combination thereof, as well as the combination of color and shape, pattern, which is aesthetic and suitable for industrial application.

For pharmaceutical machinery enterprises, they can apply for invention patents for new technical solutions proposed by products, methods or improvements; For general innovation and improvement, utility model patents can be applied for; Even if we have made a unique new design on the appearance of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, we can also apply for appearance patents.

For example, some pharmaceutical machinery enterprises have combined powder technology with traditional Chinese medicine, put forward the concept of "cell wall breaking" around the application of traditional Chinese medicine, and applied for independent intellectual property rights with cell wall breaking micro crushing technology as the core in order to accumulate a lot of practical experience in the realization of ultra micro crushing of traditional Chinese medicine.

Through the continuous efforts of technicians and related supporting manufacturers, the enterprise has successfully developed a new type of ultra-fine pulverizer, which is used for efficient, clean and economical dispersion and grinding of pesticides, food and pharmaceutical raw materials, electronic slurry, ceramic powder, magnetic materials, rare earth materials, etc. Compared with the traditional grinding machine, this superfine grinder has the advantages of high density, high hardness, high toughness, low wear and high efficiency, and has a certain market share in the market.

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