Under the two trends, the pharmaceutical equipment industry will usher in new opportunities!

The pharmaceutical equipment industry belongs to the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry, and its market situation is closely related to the medical reform policy, the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and the reform of the industry itself. From the policy perspective, in recent years, a series of policies have forced the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmaceutical equipment also needs to be transformed from low-end to high-end; From the downstream side, in recent years, with the rapid development of biological drugs, the pharmaceutical equipment industry has ushered in a good opportunity. In addition, from the perspective of the industry itself, the biomedical equipment industry is showing the following two new trends, which are expected to bring more new opportunities to the industry.

One off bioreactor accelerates the replacement of traditional stainless steel tank

With the support of policies, talents, capital and other factors, biopharmaceuticals in China have developed rapidly in recent years. Data shows that the current biopharmaceutical market in China is 400 billion yuan, and it is estimated that by 2024, the market size will exceed 100 billion dollars.

It is expected that with the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry and the continuous expansion of the enterprise's production capacity, the one-time system will gradually replace the traditional stainless steel reactor equipment. The reasons include: compared with traditional stainless steel tanks, the disposable system has higher production efficiency, greater flexibility, shorter construction period, lower initial investment cost, and less possibility of cross contamination between products. These advantages are of great significance for accelerating the commercialization process of biomedical enterprises and reducing enterprise costs.

Data shows that the current global market space for disposable bioreactors is about US $1-2 billion, and it is expected to reach US $3-4 billion by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of about 20%. In China, the proportion of disposable bioreactors used in monoclonal antibody production has exceeded 70%. In the future, there is still a large room for growth of disposable bioreactors.

Continuous production becomes a trend

In the field of cells, continuous production refers to the continuous process from upstream cell culture to feeding, concentration feeding, perfusion, etc. This production mode is conducive to reducing the time for pharmaceutical enterprises to develop and produce new drugs, and reducing the related costs of enterprises.

It is understood that in Germany, Japan, the United States and other western countries, the application of continuous production technology in pharmaceutical plants is relatively early, while China's pharmaceutical equipment industry started late, and has long been dominated by the traditional production mode of single equipment. In recent years, with the promotion of consistency evaluation and other policies, pharmaceutical enterprises have gradually realized the importance of continuous production for enterprises.

It is predicted in the industry that with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the rising pharmaceutical costs year by year, the continuous production process iteration of pharmaceutical enterprises will become a trend. In this context, relevant continuous equipment, such as continuous granulator, continuous lyophilizer, will also gain new opportunities.

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