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Wet granulator

Characteristic of the product Gas-filled sealed drive shaft, when cleaning, it can be switched to water \ fluidized granulation, which is nearly spherical, fluidity \ good particle reproducibility between batches completed in the same closed container, dry-wet mixing-granulation, process reduction, meeting the requirements of cGMP \ Speed and granulation time can be set \ rotation. Speed and granulation can be operated by manual and automatic switching. Terminal torque can be set to judge automatic operation. It has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for granulation of stainless steel with different viscosities and particle sizes. German grinding and polishing technology is introduced. Material adherence is less than other parts. Mechanical lifting of stirring paddle
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Other options
Mechanical lifting of agitator
Measurement of Material Temperature
The operating curve of the torque can be automatically generated.
Material trough lighting
The discharge outlet is provided with an inflatable sealing ring, which can be sealed with the back equipment (quick connection sealing)
Air-filled container sealing
Air-tight outlet connector pneumatic switch for feeding materials
Adjustable Adhesive Addition Device
The spray system includes hose metering pump, eccentric peristaltic pump or pressure vessel, single nozzle, double nozzles or airless nozzles.
Control of semi-automated or fully automated single equipment and automated management of production lines and surrounding systems with prescription storage. Explosion-proof protection
WIP system
Heating and cooling with interlayer, including temperature control
Organic solvent recovery system
Devices connected to whole grains
Cleanroom Project
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Product characteristics
Air-filled sealed drive shaft, which can be switched to water when cleaning
Fluidized granulation, spherical granulation, good fluidity
Good particle reproducibility between batches
Dry mixing-wet mixing-granulation in the same closed container, process reduction, conforming to the requirements of cGMP specification
The speed and granulation time can be set.
The speed and granulation can be switched manually and automatically.
Automatic operation of terminal torque judgement can be set
It is suitable for granulation with different viscosities and particle sizes.
High-quality stainless steel material, imported German polishing technology, less material adhesion
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